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3 of Our Favorite Things About the 24/7 Virtual Pediatrician Service

Whether you need care after hours or simply want to avoid a trip to the primary care office, a virtual pediatrician can be a lifesaver. ParentMD has partnered with Blueberry Pediatrics to offer virtual pediatric care, and there are so many things to love about this membership feature.

Here are our top 3 favorite things about the 24/7 virtual pediatrician service:

You get quick access to a medical professional when you need it. 

With the virtual pediatrician service, you can have peace of mind when your child needs medical assistance – no matter when that is. You can speak with a board-certified pediatrician virtually to get the trusted online pediatric care you want for your child immediately. When you schedule a virtual visit, you'll be seen within 30 minutes.

You get a medical kit to assist with diagnosis.

After signing up for the ParentMD and the virtual pediatrician service, you'll receive a complimentary home exam kit (a value of over $100!) to help gather important information that the doctor can use to help diagnose the child as accurately as possible. The kit comes complete with a wireless otoscope, a pulse oximeter, and a digital oral thermometer to collect vitals, similar to a pediatrician's office.

The chat feature makes sharing information easy.

Through Blueberry’s virtual pediatrician app, you can use the chat feature to share videos and photos of your child in real-time with the medical provider. The doctor can use the information to guide you on what to do next. Your virtual visit can even recommend prescription medications – with the doctor sending them to your pharmacy of choice.

Want to learn more about the virtual pediatrician service that ParentMD can offer you? You can hear what other parents say about the services so you can make the best choice for your family. Then, check out our subscription page, and see how it works.

Become a ParentMD member today and explore all that our 24/7 virtual pediatrician membership has to offer!

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