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The Challenges of Breastfeeding | Ep. 8

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In this episode, Elizabeth Martin Doyle, MD, IBCLC, FABM, FAAP shares her experiences with breastfeeding as a double-boarded physician in internal medicine and pediatrics, as well as her international board certification for lactation consultants. She found passion in breastfeeding because of her personal experience with the process and desire to help other mothers and families.

Dr. Doyle and Dr. Honaker discuss a pediatrician’s perspective on the benefits of breastfeeding, as well as feeding or supplementing with formula. They remind us that everyone has a different experience, capabilities and needs, and that most important thing is that the baby gets fed.

They also cover the current environment for mothers and families who choose to breastfeed, what’s coming in the future, the best advice for mothers, fathers, and doctors to support the mother and baby during this experience and how to support the family, especially the mother, while breastfeeding.

Their advice for mothers struggling includes the following. Number one relax. We are mammals named after our mammary glands, so trust the process. Find your support team. Reach out to experts and don’t give up if you have reached out for help!

Here are some links and topics that are covered in this episode:

  • Dr. Doyle's Breastfeeding Toolkit
  • Personal experiences with breastfeeding
  • How can fathers can support the mother and families
  • The current environment and culture around breastfeeding
  • What’s coming in the future
  • Dr. Doyle's best advice for parents
  • Dr. Doyle's best advice for doctors to support the parents
  • 3 principles to feeding the baby
  • How a lactation consultant can impact breastfeeding
  • Confidence is key

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