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Introducing a new way for pediatricians to help parents. ParentMD is an online source for health information that you can trust – straight from board-certified pediatricians.
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ParentMD was founded by board-certified pediatricians to provide parents with trusted resources for their children's health. Our goal is to give you a single place to learn about and navigate through the many health challenges your children can face from birth to young adolescence.

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*In certain states, membership can include access to third-party virtual pediatric provider Blueberry Pediatrics and third-party virtual nursing provider Anytime Pediatrics.

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New Parent Tips: Baby Proofing the Home

Welcoming a baby into your home is a joyous occasion, but it also brings a heightened sense of responsibility to ensure their safety in every corner of your living space. Once your little one starts moving, no space can be too safe. So, here are some things to consider so you’re ready when the time […]
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New Parent Tip: Mentally Preparing for Baby Getting a Shot

Babies follow a vaccination schedule during their first two years, a carefully planned regimen to build their immune system and shield them from various diseases. Vaccinating your baby is a routine yet emotionally charged experience. For many parents, the "hurt" cry during vaccinations is an emotional moment, often the first time you hear it. It's […]
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New Parent Tips: What to Pack for The Hospital

As the momentous day approaches, the excitement of welcoming a new member into your family is palpable. One crucial aspect of your pre-birth preparations is ensuring you have everything you need for your hospital stay. Save yourself from the unending "What to Pack for the Hospital" search results and consider these insights on making your […]
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ParentMD's Specialty Toolkits provide curated, packaged video content from certified specialists on various topics, from food allergies and breastfeeding to anxiety and acne. Discussion guides include how to find the proper diagnosis, what questions to ask, treatments, and frequently asked questions on the topic.

Our Specialty Toolkits will provide you with key information needed to help you and your child navigate these specialty areas.

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The Baby Playbook

Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids from Birth to 25

10 Things Pediatricians Want You To Know

Corporate - Family Scholar House

ADHD Explained For Parents


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Common Sports Injuries

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What Parents Need to Know about Social Media and Their Children

Date will be announced soon!
There are a lot of questions from parents and children alike about how to approach and safely introduce or use social media. The world is a crazy place, but we are brining experts on this topic and pediatricians together to discuss and get your questions answered.
ParentMD was founded to improve the quality of information available to parents online, while promoting healthy relationships with pediatricians.
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