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Busting the Sleep Myths You’ve Always Heard with Loullaby Infant Sleep Consulting | Ep. 21

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“Will I ever sleep again?” “Are regressions a real thing?” “Should you wake a sleeping baby?” We discuss these and so much more around a very hot topic: infant sleep. Katelin Shouse and Ashley Smith of Loullaby Infant Sleep Consulting join our CMO, Alex, in a conversation about the do’s and don’ts of infant sleep and what it means to train a baby to be a good little sleeper.

  • Introduction to Ashley and Katelin, Certified Infant Sleep Consultants at Loullaby
  • Previous podcast discussion with Loullaby
  • Myth: Will I ever sleep again?
  • Moving out of survival mode and into sleep training
  • 90% of babies can sleep through the night for 10-12 hours anywhere between 3 and 6 months old
  • Myth: If I am exclusively breastfeeding, my baby can’t sleep through the night?
  • Expectations for 6-8 week olds and understanding appropriate expectations
  • The true cry it out method vs sleep training
  • Myth: Never wake a sleeping baby
  • Schedules – do you need a super rigid schedule or is there some flexibility?
  • Our thoughts on daylight savings time
  • Sleep is a skill that has to be taught and practiced
  • Podcast with Dr. Katy Hopkins on building resilience and how that relates to sleep and sleep training
  • Creating and managing boundaries and expectations for kids, not only with sleep, but other areas of development
  • Building the foundation of sleep habits
  • Myth: My baby’s yawning … time for a nap! Sleepy cues vs. wake windows
  • Regressions: are they real and what to expect
  • When sleep habits start to form and when you may need a schedule shift

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