Unpacking Child and Teen Addiction to Screens with Dr. David Causey | Ep. 2

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In this episode, Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr. David L. Causey shares his experience working with child and adolescent Electronic Screen Syndrome/Electronic Reactivity and Dysregulation and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy treatment.

To start off the conversation Dr. Causey and Dr. Honaker discuss the difference between psychologist and psychiatrist.

  • A psychologist has a masters or PHD and is unique in that they do psychological testing. They look in depth with tests such as IQ test, personality test, and questionnaire to help gain a deeper understanding in order to make adjustment and developmental perspective.
  • Psychiatrists on the other hand have a medical degree and can prescribe medications. They are often also trained in counseling but that is not where the majority of their education’s time is focused.

The doctors cover the premise behind cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which Dr. Causey regularly uses in his practice. The prescribed treatment is for helping kids overcome things such as anxiety. CBT became popularized in the 1990s as research showed its effectiveness.

Dr. Causey speaks on ways in which to empower parents through a child’s CBT treatment by giving parents strategies and asking them to try some of their children’s strategies as it helps them support and model.

They also discussed the power of parents being vulnerable with their children to help children not feel alone in the challenges they face.

Lastly, they discuss Electronic Screen Syndrome/Electronic Reactivity and Dysregulation and how for some kids screen time is like putting a toxin in your body that overtime starts to impact you physically, emotionally, cognitively, and neurologically.

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